Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery

Are your trees important to you, but you are concerned about the risk of falling branches, or the trees getting too large?

All too often large mature trees that add great value to a home and garden are removed unnecessarily. In most cases the risk of branch failure in trees can be greatly reduced.

Your Arborist from Aspen Tree Services will identify any potential hazards in your trees and then recommend the most suitable pruning techniques to reduce the risk. Or if pruning can't solve the problem, then we will recommend removal. You should at least have the option!

Some examples of pruning for safety are:

  • Weight Reduction: whereby reducing the end weight of major lateral branches you greatly decrease the load placed on the branch and the leverage forces at the point of attachment.
  • Crown Reduction: involving the reduction of the height and spread of the entire tree. This is also useful if you just feel that your tree is outgrowing its position in your garden.

Tree Preservation

Trees are the largest, longest living organisms on Earth. They are our planets lungs and without them we could not survive. They provide a link to our past and are the key to our future. Heritage and historic trees are some of our most valuable assets. Our Arborists will work with you, to develop a plan to extend and enhance the life of your important trees so that future generations can enjoy them as much as we do today.

General Pruning

  • Do you have branches that hang over your house filling your gutters with debris?
  • Low branches that obstruct the footpath, driveway or garden path?
  • Are branches rubbing on your electricity or phone wires?

Our team of pruning experts can solve all these problems. Maybe it's to improve appearance or shape and clean out deadwood. If increased light in your garden or around your home is desired, thinning of the canopy might be the solution for you.

Whatever your needs, take comfort in knowing your trees will be pruned by Qualified Arborists who really do care about your trees.

Tree Removal

Why remove a tree?

Just like us, trees have a life span. They age, they decline in health and eventually they die. They also have what we call a Safe Useful Life Expectancy.

In the urban environment a tree may develop a structural weakness and/or decline to a point where it no longer provides any great visual benefit. It's at this point that we say a tree has exceeded its Safe Useful Life Expectancy. If the problems can't be rectified with pruning or other tree care techniques removal may be necessary.

Other reasons for removal may be as simple as the wrong tree in the wrong spot. A tree may interfere with your plans to extend your home, or it may be causing damage to built structures.

When tree removal is the most appropriate option our professional climbers can dismantle the largest of trees in a safe and efficient manner. Using the latest techniques in mobile rigging systems or even using cranes if need be, our team will do whatever it takes to complete the job without causing damage to your home or garden.